Head Office-Supermax

Supermax is Global Food’s logistics center which opened on May 2015 located in Sterling, Virginia. In order to bring our customers the lowest possible prices, the logistics center was established. The center is better able to transport produce, meats, and other wholesale items to our various stores.

Global Food

Global Food is a supermarket chain which specializes in selling Korean and other international food. Global Food has six locations throughout the Northern Virginia area as well as in Maryland. The first store opened on May 30, 2002 in Manassas, VA. The second store opened on August 29, 2003 in Woodbridge, VA. The third store opened on May 16,2014 in Alexandria, VA. The fourth store opened on Mar 09, 2017 and is located in Silver spring, MD. The fifth store located in Oxon hill, MD is a 35,000 square feet, specializing in African, European, Indian, Asian, and American food. In March 9, 2023, we are proud to serve the Baltimore, MD area. Global Food’s commitment to serve you through the quality and variety of our products is of our utmost priority. Our purpose is to offer you a unique shopping experience each time you visit one of our stores.


▶ Manassas – 10320 Festival Lane,
Manassas, VA 20109
▶ Woodbridge- 13813 Foulger Square,
Woodbridge, VA 22192
▶ Alexandria – 1476 North Beauregard st,
Alexandria, VA 22311
▶ Silver Spring – 13814 Outlet Dr
Silver Spring MD 209041
▶ Oxon Hill – 5470 St Barnabas Rd,
Oxon Hill, MD 207451
▶ Baltimore – 6600-6658 Security Blvd,
Baltimore, MD 21207
▶ Supermax- 23550 Pebble Run Pl,
Sterling, VA 20166